Reinvesting in brand launch by offering rummy to its users

Dangal Games have partnered with Taj Network to ensure their online rummy brand Rummy Dangal will be equipped with an impressive design, UX, rewards, promotions and many more opportunities of entertainment for their players, in keeping with their pioneer product – Dangal Games

Rummy Dangal Story

Dangal Games, an Indian online skill-based gaming platform with its flagship success of Dangal Games wanted to enter Rummy market and has chosen Taj Network’s offering.


Increase in Player Engagement


Free Game Play


Players have tried Rummy Tournaments


Dangal Games has a considerable player base, and like every start-up, they were looking at business and company growth. Rummy Dangal chose TJN for their growing number of players helped them reinvent their brand and add a complementary product into the mix at the same time.

Taj Network operates as an aggregator with its product line of Turnkey/ Standalone, Network, Exchange, Marketplace & Branded Lobby to build a large pool of players by creating the network effect which in turn helps all partners connected to them.

Taj Network Background

The Taj Network (TJN) has rapidly grown to be one of the largest B2B Skill Games providers in the country, operating all across India with the only exception of 5 states. Envisioned and developed in India, this network includes more than ten of the strongest brands and operators dominating the e-gaming industry.

As the independent B2B division of Grid Logic Games, TJN has proven credentials, asserted by the practical and strategic partnership their associates enjoy.

Taj Network Offerings

Taj Network offered the best fitting solution to Dangal Games – a white label rummy brand to add under the Dangal umbrella and add value to their existing poker product. The tried and tested TJN rummy white label solution was perfect to give their business a bigger push.




Turnkey/ Standalone

Market Place

Branded Lobby


It’s a win-win situation!

Rummy Dangal is powered by TJN (Taj Network) and offers the Dangal Games player base a brilliant rummy product for additional value to their iGaming experience, thus growing their business, market share as well as revenue as they bank on the trusted TJN name, products and partnership

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