TJN is a proud B2B unit of Grid Logic with a brilliant track record and well-known faces in the management team that brings to the table years of excellence in all aspects of the flourishing Indian gaming market. Our clientele vouches for the complete solutions, services and expertise we provide across local markets.

TJN can meet your business requirements more than halfway with our top notch features and unique gaming experience. If you’re looking at improving your existing operations or even if you’re shifting an offline base online, we’re the guys for both jobs, and so much more. Watch your business grow sturdy with our customizable offerings and customer support, and at the same time add unbeatable value to it on the B2C front.

We take our partnerships seriously, which is why you will see just the right latitude on our integrated solutions. TJN offers you robust, yet customizable and agile solutions on software, games, marketing and operations, in turn enhancing the lifetime value of your precious customer base.

Our company spends a lot of time and effort towards responsible gaming practices, which has been a fundamental element in shaping up the strong ethics and core values of our team.